Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Sir / Madam, In order to be able to bid, you need to provide land information, investment size, product information and similar information.

Optima transfers its knowledge and experience to its investors as a production guarantee. The production guarantee varies according to the product type, but it guarantees the production in kilograms. Optima bears the penal obligation to be clearly stated in its contracts. The production guarantee is valid provided that agricultural advisory service is provided.

Dear official, you can contact us by mail, whatsapp, telegram, imo, mail and call.

Optima strives to provide the best service to its customers by offering products and projects that meet the current and future expectations of its customers. To make accurate planning, first, basic data such as material procurement opportunities, logistics, and assembly service are determined in the light of product, climate and land data to be raised and the most appropriate solutions are presented.