Climate Control

Climate Control Equipments

Climate Control Equipment


High-Pressure Fogging

With the high-pressure fogging system, humidity rate is kept under control and photosynthesis, sweating, etc. an optimum climate for events is needed. The number of water molecules to be delivered to the environment is controlled by the automation device and the data is processed into the psychometric diagram and the amount of water is adjusted according to the boundary conditions.

Ventilation Systems

Greenhouse ventilation systems can compensate for the uneven spreading of moisture and heat. To this end, sera overhead ventilation systems are operated with the help of geared and non-powered gearboxes by using rack and pinion gear.

Circulating fans

Circulation Fans

Circulating fans ensure uniform distribution of air humidity and temperature. This has a direct effect on the increase in yield by providing a rigid climate. In the production, cold drawn high-quality DKP sheet body, propeller blades are used and high resistance against corrosion is provided with environmentally sensitive electrostatic epoxy powder paint. To achieve high quality, ISO 1940 dynamic vibration test is performed on the propeller blades. (It is of high importance that circulation fans are installed in the greenhouse with the choice of flow and power according to the needs.)

Cooling Pad

It is generally used for cooling purposes in seedlings and tropical plants growing. The cooling pad combs are self-cleaning with a right-angled grooved design, eliminating dirt and debris from the surface, reducing the need for extra maintenance. With the use of the cooling pad system, it varies according to climate type and gives the investor extra marketing time by extending the standard yearly production time up to 1 month.

cooling pad
thermal screen

Thermal Screen Systems

Optima, the screen systems used in its projects are used to control heat, humidity, and light in greenhouses. Greenhouse screen are fabrics made of a combination of polyester wire with a thin aluminum layer with absorbent acrylic yarn. Greenhouse curtain systems have 2 different structures as push-pull and rope. Advantages of curtain system; humidity, light, temperature control, fuel savings up to 33%.

thermal screen
thermal screen
thermal screen