Greenhouse Vehicles

Greenhouse İnside Vehicles

Greenhouse working equipment

Cultural Processing Carts

They are automatically controlled vehicles with electric motor driven which can reach a speed of 50m / min. Cultural process trolleys save time and labor by facilitating tasks such as reaching high areas and plant maintenance.


Fertilization Cars

They are capable of the winding capacity of 100mt spraying hose with electric motor driven, speed adjustable drum winding mechanism that can reach 70m / min speed. Spraying trolleys play an important role in accelerating the spraying process, saving labor and time as well as preventing the spread of possible diseases.

Harvest carts

They are manually transported vehicles with a steel casing that usea heating pipes as a rail. It saves labor and time by preventing inefficient labor efforts during the harvesting process.


Electric Troyler and Trailer

They can reach a speed of 300m / min and driven by 2.2kW electric motor, with a load capacity of 1300 kg including a trailer. It saves labor and time by carrying the harvested products in the greenhouse to the collection area using the service path.

Box Folding Machine

The box folding machine, which is a wide range of Optima products, is a complex and fully automatic machine for the folding and gluing of corrugated cardboard boxes and cardboard boxes used in the shipment of manufactured products. It reduces the labor and time expenses to a great extent and ensures the availability of standard packages. It is fully practical with computer-controlled automatic feeding, stacking and memory retention.


Seed Spreading Machine

Optima’s greenhouse product efficiency, quality and speed offered to its customers to increase the use of seeders, adapters to different sizes of viols, easy to use and practical, maintenance-free portable structure and 99.9% single seed reduction rate is user-friendly.


Forklift is an industry-leading solution for material handling within railcars. With a vertically higher counterweight, forklift is able to navigate in tight spaces while maintaining a high lift capacity. Also popular in specialty applications that require higher capacity lifts in tighter spaces, forklift is a specialty model forklift that opens new opportunities in racking, space planning and shipping.



Water cooled, Diesel engine
Radiator with mechanical fan
Protective grille for rotating and hot parts
Electric starter and charge alternator
Starting battery (with lead acid) including rack and cables
Engine coolant heater
Base frame design incorporates an integral fuel tank and anti-vibration isolators
Flexible fuel connection hoses
Single bearing, class H alternator
Industrial exhaust silencer and steel bellows supplied separately(for open sets)
Static battery charger