Plant Growing

Plant Growing Systems

Plant Growing Equipment


Optima cocopeat slabs; is completely ecological and contains no additive material. There are several advantages of using thinning shells as raw material, 60% chips-40% peat and 24-26% aeration rate. These include high water holding capacity, the rapid development of seeds and plants, more intensive rooting, high productivity, development and production control.


Plant Growing Systems (Gutter)

Equipment in the heating system; collector group, circulation pumps, bypass lines, heat-laden fluid carrier pipes, caps, reducers, spot feet, connection legs, trolleys, check-valves, compensators, manometers, thermometers, flex pipe, fittings, safety valves, 3-way valves, butterfly valves, motorized valves, electrical equipment, heat-resistant paints, fittings, and spare fuel tank.

Hanging Wire System

Optima hanging plant growing systems transfer the load of the grown product to the construction and ensure that it is transported, and the plants develop regularly. The basic elements of the plant suspension system consist of 12mm galvanized rope, 8mm galvanized rope, 4mm galvanized rope, auxiliary carrier galvanized chain and connection elements.


Plant Ropes and Clips

Plant hanger ropes consist of 3 mm thick stainless-steel wire and high strength agricultural rope wrapped around it. Plant clips are produced in 25mm diameter, flexible and high durability and are used for fixing the plant body to the hanger ropes.